General conditions of sale

The present conditions of sale are concluded, on the one hand, between Ms. Verstappen Véronique, acting as a person physical shopping, carrying the address: Rue Auguste de Boeck, 35, 1140, Brussels, Belgium; registered to Carrefour Corporate Bank under the number 0545.655.78, hereinafter referred to as “Boutique Chic’Os ‘ and secondly, by any natural person wishing to proceed to a purchase via the site Internet of Boutique Chic’Os hereinafter referred to as the customer ‘.

Section 1. Object

Section 2. Characteristics of the goods and services offered

Article 3. Rates

Article 4. Commands

Article 5 Terms of payment

Section 6. Deliveries

Section 7. Guarantees

Section 8. Withdrawal

Article 9 Litigation

Section 10. Protection of personal data

Section 11. Responsibilities

Art 1. Subject:

The present conditions of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between Boutique Chic ‘Os and the client and the conditions applicable to all purchases made through the merchant website of Boutique Chic’ Os ‘in

The acquisition of an asset through this site implies unreserved acceptance by the customer of the terms and conditions of sale.

These conditions of sale will prevail on all other General or specific, not expressly approved by Boutique Chic’Os.

Boutique Chic’Os reserves to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the customer.

The client declares to be at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity or have parental permission to place an order on the merchant website ‘in

Art 2. Characteristics of the goods and services offered:

The products offered are those which appear in the catalogue published on the website of Boutique Chic’Os

These products are offered within the limit of stocks available.

Each product is accompanied by a description established by Boutique Chic’Os.

The photographs in the catalogue are most faithful possible but cannot ensure a similarity with the product offered, particularly as regards the colours.
Boutique Chic’Os can only be held liable for an error on the pictures of the suppliers.

The indications of sizes, colors and cuts of model listed purely in informative title, these may vary according to the proposed articles.

If, despite its efforts, all or part of the items are unavailable, Boutique Chic’Os shall inform the client by email as soon as possible and offered him the possibility to choose between wait or cancel the order of unavailable items free of charge. Available items will be delivered normally.

Art 3. Rates:

Prices for the products listed in the catalogue are inclusive of VAT (all Taxes included) prices in euro.

Boutique Chic’Os reserves to modify its prices at any time, on the understanding, however, that the price appearing in the catalogue the day of the order will be only applicable to the customer.

Prices do not include delivery charges.

Art 4. Command:

The client, who wishes to buy a product must be:

  • Add selected products to the basket;
  • Press the button “proceed to the command”;
  • Fill out the identification form which it will read all requested details.
  • Accept the General Conditions of sale;
  • Validating his order after it is checked by pressing the button “I pay my order.”
  • Make the payment under the conditions laid down;

By checking the box “I accept the General conditions of sale” the client accepts the present conditions of sale, the recognition of taking perfect knowledge and renunciation to take advantage of its own conditions of purchase.

All of the data supplied and recorded confirmation will be proof of the transaction. The confirmation will make office for signature and acceptance of the operations performed.

Boutique Chic’Os will communicate by e-mail the confirmation of registered order.

Art 5. Terms of payment:

The total amount of the order becomes due upon confirmation of the order.

The payments must be made by bank transfer and endeans 5 working days following the command. Default of payment endeans this period, the command will be purely and simply cancel.

During the payment, the customer must register in communication the number of the purchase order.

Delivery of the items will take place once the payment of the total amount of the order will be made.

No credit will be given to the client.

An invoice will be automatically sent to the client.

Art 6. Deliveries:

The BeNeLux standard deliveries are made to the address indicated by the customer and only within the agreed geographical scope: Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg.
The shipping charges for standard delivery BeNeLux vary depending on the weight and total volume of the order, ranging from 1.5 to €6.5.

“Relais Kiala” deliveries are made in point relay Kiala indicated by the customer and only within the agreed geographical area: Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg – France.
Shipping for delivery “relais Kiala” vary depending on the geographical area.
Shipping for delivery “relais Kiala” to the BeNeLux are €4.5.
Shipping for delivery “relais Kiala” towards the France are €10.

The risks are borne by the customer from the moment the products have left the premises of Boutique Chic’Os. In the event of damage during transport, the reasoned protest must be made with the carrier within three days from the delivery.

The possible delays do not qualify the client to refuse the goods or to request damages or interests.

Delivery times are given for informational (working days excluding weekends and holidays).
If the delivery has no place within thirty days as of the day of the order, the customer has the right to terminate the sales contract and be fully reimbursed for the amount of the order previously paid.

However, upon termination of the contract on the part of the customer due to delivery more than thirty days, it will return to its charging the package unopened to Boutique Chic’Os.


Articles provided by Boutique Chic’Os are new, they are controlled and shipped with the utmost care.
All times, if an article benefits consistent with its description and free from all defects, does not respond to the wishes or expectations of the client due to its size, its color or its cut of model and is referred to as “non-compliant” by the customer upon receipt of the parcel, Boutique Chic’Os would be responsible for and will reimburse not the amount of articles mentioned and challenged. Only the client will be held responsible for his mistake.

Nevertheless if it is proven and motivated, after receipt of the package, the error comes from Boutique Chic’Os (color, size, scope of the article…), the reference of the wrong article will be borne by Boutique Chic’Os and Boutique Chic’Os will bear the shipping costs for returning the packages comply with the order.

At the end of the period of 14 days, the products delivered shall be deemed in conformity with the order and accepted by the client.

Furthermore, the returned items which would be incomplete, smelly, in the presence of animal hair, damaged, damaged or soiled will be omitted.
In the case of a reference not in accordance with the provisions of the present general conditions, articles will be returned to the client load and the refund or Exchange will be canceled.
In the event of defective item Boutique Chic’Os undertakes to Exchange or refund the said article after having been informed by the customer endeans 14 days after the date of receipt of the order.
In the case of a return of defective products, customer will return the parcel in its packing of origin accompanied by the original invoice specifying the nature of the problem encountered.
The address to which the product must be returned is as follows:

Boutique Chic’Os – Verstappen Véronique

Rue Auguste de Boeck, 35

1140 Brussels – Belgium

Sale items not be neither retaken, nor exchanged, nor reimbursed.

Articles in the corner of the present bargains of the defects mentioned in their description and customer order these said articles in all knowledge of cause, latter will not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Art 8. Withdrawal:

The customer, non-professional physical person, receive a withdrawal period of 14 days from the agenda for the delivery of his order.
In case of partial delivery, the 14 day time limit begins to run on the day where the final product was received.
When returning the product for Exchange or refund, return shipping charges are responsibility of the customer.

The customer shall notify Boutique Chic’Os in the exercise of his right of withdrawal preferably by e-mail to the address “of” or via the template placed at its disposal: model type of withdrawal

Art 9. Disputes:

These sales conditions are subject to Belgian law.

In case of dispute or claim arises, the consumer will address in priority to Boutique Chic’Os to obtain a friendly solution.
Otherwise, only the commercial court of Brussels will be competent.

Art 10. Protection of personal data:

All data encoded on the website of Boutique Chic’Os will be stored in the database of the latter.

All data provided by the customer are protected and will only be used to process orders and deliveries on the website of Boutique Chic’Os.

Without consent of the customer, Boutique Chic’Os will not disclose, share, or will not sell to third parties any information about the client, such as email address, telephone and fax number, demographic data or identification

Boutique Chic’Os undertakes to make its best efforts to protect personal data, so particular to prevent that they are distorted, damaged or communicated to third parties not allowed.

Art 11. Responsibilities:

Boutique Chic’Os cannot be held responsible for:

  • Damage of any kind that may result from improper use of the items delivered to the customer.
  • To changes made by the manufacturer and/or suppliers in the compositions of the products sold on our site.
  • Malfunctions due to third party software whether or not incorporated on site Boutique Chic’Os, all foreseeable or unforeseeable damage (including loss of profit or opportunity) arising from use or the total or partial impossibility to use this website.
  • Boutique Chic’Os does not warrant that the site will be without anomalies, errors or bugs and that they can be corrected. It is not excluded that the site is down or some interruptions occur.
  • Finally Boutique Chic’Os cannot control all of the sites on which we refer by link Hypertext and so we are in no way responsible for their content.

Finally, the customer declares to know the characteristics and limitations of the internet, especially its technical performances. The response time for consult, question or transfer data and also the risks related to the security of the communications.