Dog Massage Therapy

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Véronique Verstappen

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Massothérapie canine -


I am certified by the International and Belgian Professional Circle of Dog Massage has practice all the maneuvers massage applied to Canids.

  • Relaxation and sports massage.
  • The principal meridians and their harmonization.
  • Japanese of Do-in of facial reflexology art (Diem’cham).
  • Essential oils which brings a more a our techniques.
  • Massage therapy will provide a wellness: it will be physical in calming the pain by stimulating the muscles settled cramps, etc… and mental soothing touch, by installing confidence and calming stress.


The benefits of massage for animals correspond to those for men, including a decrease in stress and improving the circulation, be it blood, lymphatic or energy.

Animal massage sounds like a luxury, however, many dogs can receive a massage to help recover from surgery or injury.

Agility dogs can benefit from sports massage to improve their performance and their recovery.

Many studies have been conducted to verify the benefits of massage, for example, it has been proven that massage increases blood circulation, helps to recover appetite, reduces the pain of arthritic deformities such as dysplasia.

It is used to reduce boredom and increase relaxation of dogs and cats during calving periods.
It removes the pain and muscle spasms. But also to calm hyperactive dogs that do damage.

The owners of dogs and cats are therapeutic massages that contribute to improve the quality of life of the aging animal. In addition, the improvement of traffic can slow the degenerative process of arthritis and helps improve the energy levels of older animals.

Better circulation means better immune function, helping to reduce the risk of infection or disease and helps with rapid recovery during an injury, illness or surgery.

Massage can improve nerve function and brain function, and thus make easier mobility.